Medal Research

Medal Research
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1.  Medal Index Card for 1914-1918:  Generally need name, number and regiment.

2.  Medal Rolls for 1914-1918:  Often gives battalion and sometimes gives further information on service.  For WW1 Trios two rolls need to be checked.  Information from Medal Index Card required for search.

3.  Silver War Badge for 1914-1918: From name or number on reverse.

4. Soldiers/Officers died in the Great War.

5.  Commonwealth War Graves information.

6.  War diaries from 1914-18 War to Korea: These give day by day information by battalion etc.  Sometimes list other ranks casualties but more often officers.  Very useful for casualties of WW1 to discover details of unit actions on a certain date.

7.  Army List Search: for Officers service.

8.  Army Officers Records: Victorian (hourly rate)

9. Victorian Muster Books: (hourly rate)

10.  Service Records Pre 1913: Other ranks

11.  Some 1914-18 Service Records:  These are mainly pension records and seem to cover about 10% of WW1 servicemen.

12.  Search for citation for WW2 Gallantry Awards:

13.  London Gazette Entries for: VC, DSO, MC, DCM, MEM, OBE, MM, MID etc, etc, etc Per Entry


Photocopies of entries will be charged at cost - PLEASE STATE IF REQUIRED

Charges are for search and are payable whether or not the search is successful

Dependant on the scope, research is usually completed within 30 days

Postage, of your choice.

MEDAL RESEARCH - Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Merchant Navy

1.  1914-1918 Medal Roll

2.  Navy List: For Officers Service

3.  RN Service Records to number 165000: Approx. 1891 with photocopy

4.  Ships Logs:  Certain date, search through for information (hourly rate)

5.  Royal Marines:  Service records until the end of the 1914-18 War + photocopy

MEDAL RESEARCH - Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force

1.  RAF List: for Officers service

2.  RFC Muster Rolls: 1918

3.  Squadron Ops Records: (Hourly rate)

4.  1914-18 Officer Service Records


The research items listed above are among the most commonly requested.  If you need advise on researching servicemen or are experiencing difficulties, please give us the details you already have and we shall be pleased to investigate further research avenues.  If we think there is a good chance of success we will contact you with a competitive quotation for the work.