Antique Guns

Antique Guns

Early Flintlock Boxlock Screw Off Pocket Pistol By Goodwin
( AD.00000001 )

A .500 early flintlock boxlock screw off pocket pistol by Goodwin circa 1780 (George Goodwin [1770-1820] shops at London and Birmingham). Overall length approx 4.1/2 in., round steel barrel approx. 1 in with key un-screing knob (key absent) and engraving to the muzzle end, pitted to one side.  Barrel to a pleasing shiny silver...

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Ultra-Rare Rifled Flintlock Officers Private Purchase Man-Stopper Pistol, London Proofs, By SIMMONS
( AD.00000001a )

Ultra-rare, deeply rifled, flintlock, officers private purchase, man-stopper pistol, London Proofs, by "SIMMONS & HOWELL", Circa. 1800.   11.1/4in overall., octagonal 6in steel barrel, retaining most of it's original brown finish.  The Top of the barrel at the breach stamped  "SIMMONS & HOWELL".  Crisp working action for both the...

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Percussion Side-Hammer Man-Stopper Pistol By Clabrough Of Lincoln
( AD.00000001e )

Percussion side-hammer man-stopper pistol by Clabrough of Lincoln circa 1830. Overall length approx 10.1/2 in., octagonal damascus steel barrel approx. 5.1/2 in.  The underneath of the barrel with Birmingham proof marks.  Barrel to a pleasing mottled grey/ brown patina with surface pitting throughout, especially around the percussion nipple.  ...

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Percussion Side-Hammer Belt Pistol By Bentley & Son, Liverpool
( AD.00000001f )

Percussion side-hammer, belt pistol by Bentley & Son, Liverpool circa 1830. Overall length approx 11 in., octagonal steel barrel approx. 6 in.  Barrel to a pleasing mottled grey patina with surface pitting throughout, especially around the percussion nipple.   The foresight is of "German Silver?  The steel ramrod is a captive...

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French Percussion Cavalry Pistol Circa 1855
( AD.000001a )

A .700 French percussion cavalry pistol Circa 1855.  Approx. 13.1/2in. overall, it's round barrel approx. 8in.  The steel lockplate, steel backstrap, hammer, brass mussle band, brass trigger guard, butt cap and sideplate all with civilian type floral engraving.  The steel barrel is stamped "Cde 17.6A" surmounting thenumber "1085".  The teel...

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.600 Belgian Percussion Pistol Circa 1865
( AD.000001aa )

A .600 Belgian percussion pistol Circa 1865.  Overall length approx. 14.3/4in., round barrel approx.  8.1/2 in. The smooth bore barrel, lock, trigger, captive stirrup etc to a shiny steel patina with slight surface pitting in places, especially to the lock and hammer.  Brass fittings to a shiny finish. The full walnut stock with some useage bruises and marks...

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Plain Matchlock Afghan/ Indian Jezzail Musket Circa 1830
( AD.000001e )

Plain matchlock Afghan/ Indian Jezzail musket Circa 1830.  Overall length approx. 60. 1/2 in., round steel barrel 40 in.  The steel barrel is flared at the mussle end with a crude open sight and is to a speckled grey brown patina, with some slight surface pitting in places and the pan cover is missing.  The  barrel is secured to the stock by four brass sheet...

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Cased 7mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver
( AD.00001b )

A 6-shot 7mm Belgian double action pinfire revolver, 5.3/4in., round barrel 3.1/4in., *K Belgian inspectors marked to the barrel, about 75+% original chrome finish to steel work.  Crisp action and trigger return is unbroken and working well.  Dark wood 2-piece plain wooden grips.  Unusual and separate original spent case screw-out ejecting rod is retained to the bottom...

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Cased 5mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver
( AD.00001ba )

A 6-shot 5mm Belgian double action pinfire revolver, 4.3/4in., octagonal barrel 2 in., M C Belgian inspectors marked to the barrel, about 80+% original chrome finish to steel work.  Crisp action and trigger return is unbroken and working well.  Dark wood 2-piece plain wooden grips.  Spent case ejecting rod is present.  The cylinder has Leige proof...

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Belgian? Screw-Off Barrel Side-By-Side Percussion Pistol
( AD.00001bb )

Belgian? screw-off barrel, side-by-side percussion pistol, circa 1840. Overall length approx. 7.3/4 in overall., screw-off octagonal steel barrels approx. 3 in.  Steel barrels, frame, trigger guard, triggers and action to a pleasing mottled silver grey patina with very little in the way of pitting.   Crisp actions, but t he frame, barrels...

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1841 French Naval Percussion Belt Pistol
( AD.00001c )

An 1841 French naval percussion belt pistol, 12 in long overall, shiny round steel barrel approx 6 in.  Captive steel rammer, lock, side plate, belt hook, trigger and lanyard ring also to shiny steel finish.  Integral barrel band, butt cap and trigger guard of brass.  Dark wood half stock with parallel old gouges (something to do with rack?).  Crisp action, the lock plate...

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Scarce American 1836 Model Flintlock Pistol
( AD.00001e )

Scarce American 1836 Model flintlock pistol.   The U.S. Army formally adopted the percussion system in 1842 but, of course, flintlock pistols still continued in production for some time.  13.3/4 in. overall with a round steel barrel of approx. 8.1/2 in.  The steel barrel to a silver grey patina with mottled darker grey "old" rust  marks/ slight...

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1839 Pat. East India Company .750 Percussion Conversion Musket
( AD.00001f )

1839 Pat. East India Company .750 percussion conversion musket. Approx. 52 in long overall, round steel barrel approx 37. 1/2 in.  The barrel to a dark brown/ grey patina and retained by three steel bands.  A replacement front sight seems to have been installed at some time for use with the open rear sight.  The barrel does not seem to have any proof marks...

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Flintlock Boxlock Screw Off Barreled Travelling Pistol By Ketland
( AD.0001b )

A .45 boxlock, screw-off flintlock travelling pistol by Ketland & Co, circa 1790. Overall length approx 7.1/2 in., round steel barrel approx. 2.1/2 in.  Barrel to a pleasing grey/ brown patina with a few insignificant aged/ old gouges by inexpert attempts to unscrew the barrel and London proof marks beneath.   The steel frame is  also...

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A Finely Decorated Turkish Flintlock Holster Pistol
( AD.0001c )

A 20-bore Turkish/ Ottoman flintlock holster pistol. Overall length approx 21.1/2 in., steel barrel approx. 14.1/2 in.  The round steel barrel with surface pitting and to a pleasing grey/ brown patina with worn floral decoration and Ottoman crescent moons to the top of the barrel.   The forend of the barrel is retained to...

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Superb Early Cannon Barrel Flintlock Boxlock Screw Off Pocket Pistol By Farmer
( AD.0001d )

A .376 early cannon barrelled, boxlock, screw-off, flintlock pocket pistol by Farmer, circa 1760. Overall length approx 6 in., round steel barrel approx. 1.1/2 in.  Barrel to a pleasing shiny silver finish with  London proof marks beneath.   The steel frame is  also to a  pleasing shiny silver finish with foliate...

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6-Shot Percussion Transitional Revolver
( AD.0001f )

A 6-shot approx. .400 self cocking bar hammer transitional percussion revolver, 12.1/2 in. overall, barrel 6 in., Birmingham proofs, but unfortunately no makers name.  2-piece chequered wooden grips, foliate engraved frame and but cap. Steel cylinder, octagonal barrel, action and butt cap retain traces of the original finish. Slight vice...

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Double-Barrel Tap-Action Brass Framed Flintlock Pistol By S Rawlins & Co, Birmingham Proof, Circa 1790
( AD.001a )

A superb .54-bore double-barrel, tap-action, brass framed flintlock pistol by S Rawlins & Co, circa 1790. Overall length 5.1/4in., round steel barrels approx. 1.3/4in.  Steel barrels to pleasing shiny grey speckled patina with some surface pitting particularly to the breach end of the upper barrel and to the side of the lower barrel.   The...

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Enfield Style 2-Band Percussion Musket
( AD.001ab )

Enfield style 2-band percussion musket. 41.1/2in., barrel 25.3/4in., The round, smooth-bore barrel to a grey/ brown patina with opensightsand stamped ".622 2.3/4 DRAMS BLACK POWDER 1 OZ SHOTJB1".  The plain percussion lock, ramrod, 1x  rear spring retained and 1x frontal screw retained barrel bands (pitted) and sling swivels also to a dark grey/ brown...

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Percussion Brass Framed Percussion Boxlock Pocket Pistol, By Williams And Powell, Circa 1840
( AD.001c )

Percussion brass framed percussion boxlock pocket pistol, by Williams and Powell, Circa 1840.  Overall length 6ins, turn-off round steel barrel 1.3/4ins.  Birmingham proved, foliate engraved brass frame, plain slab-sided walnut butt. Some knocks and dings/ age wear throughout, otherwise good overall working condition commensurate with age....

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Percussion Boxlock Pocket Pistol, Circa 1840
( AD.001da )

Unnamed percussion boxlock pocket pistol, circa 1840.  Overall length 6ins, turn-off round steel barrel approx. 1.3/4 ins.  Steel furniture to silver/ grey mottled brown patina with light surgace pitting in places.  Birmingham proved, foliate engraved steel frame, plain slab-sided walnut butt. Some knocks and dings/ age wear throughout, otherwise good...

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Interesting Cut-Down Percussion Musket To Pistol Conversion
( AD.001j )

Interesting cut-down percussion musket to pistol conversion.  Overall length 19 in, barrel approx. 11.3/4 ins.  Octagonal barrel transforms into a round barrel approx. 3 in from the breach.  Barrel to a dark grey/ brown patina withsome surface pitting toward the percussion cap.  Open sights, the rear of which is brass.  The brach stamped with the number...

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Circa 1770 Brass Barrelled Flintlock Blunderbus By Hadley, London
( AD.003 )

Superb and desirable, Circa 1770 brass barrelled flintlock blunderbus, by Hadley, London.  Overall length 28.1/2in., brass two part octagonal/ round barrel 13in.  Full-stocked, the steel lock stamped "Hadley" whilst the top of the brass barrel is stamped "London" with London proofs.  The brass barrel to dark  yellow patina with darker brown mottled...

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Double-Barrel Tap-Action Flintlock Pistol By Wilkins, Grantham, Birmingham Proofs, Circa 1780
( AD.01ba )

A .80-bore double-barrel tap-action flintlock pistol by Wilkins, Grantham, circa 1780. Overall length approx. 5.1/2in overall., round steel barrels approx. 1.1/4in.  Steel barrels, frame, trigger guard, trigger  and action to a pleasing mottled silver grey patina retaining most of the original colour.   The frame engraved with a stand of arms...

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.65 Tower Cavalry Flintlock Pistol With Stirrup Ramrod Circa. 1805
( AD.01f )

.65 Tower cavalry flintlock pistol with stirrup ramrod circa. 1805.  15 in. overall, barrel approx. 9 in with London proofs , walnut fullstock, with regulation brass mounts and captive steel stirrup ramrod.  Barrel, and lock slightly surface pitted and with old rust discolouration to a pleasing grey/ brown patina throughout.  Slight split to forend of stock...

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Indian, Central Asian Or Middle Eastern Matchlock Jezail Composite/ Display Type Musket
( AD.07a )

Indian, central Asian or Middle Eastern matchlock Jezail composite/ display type musket.  Approx. overall length 54.1/2, in round steel barrel 42 in.  Good crisp action, sighted and decorated steel barrel to a pleasing speckled grey/ brown patina with light surface pitting. The wooden stock and other fittings possibly later additions?  Steel ramrod...

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Indian Or Afghan Percussion Jezail Musket
( AD.07b )

Indian or Afghan percussion Jezail musket.  Approx. overall length 61 in, round steel barrel 42 in.  Good crisp action, sighted and decorated steel barrel to a pleasing speckled shiny steel/ grey finish, worn decorative patterns and open sights. The percussion lock replacing an earlier match lock and with a drum and nipple conversion. The steel ramrod, action,...

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Private Purchase Coastguard Pattern Percussion Pistol By C H Gilks, Tower Hill, London
( AD.22 )

Private purchase Coastguard Pattern percussion pistol . 12in. overall, barrel 6.1/4in with "C H Gilks, Tower Hill, London" ; walnut fullstock with regulation brass mounts, steel swivel ramrod, barrel, and lock to pleasing grey patina, barrel with Birmingham proof marks and the number "22", some dings bruises to the stock and wear etc to...

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