WW1 British Wolseley Sun Helmet



An original WW1 British Woleley pattern pun helmet, often referred to as a “Pith” helmet.

Sun helmets were worn by British forces from the 19th century through to the beginnings of WW2 when they were phased out.  They were made of cork because of its lightweight qualities, that is covered with khaki cotton drill material.  This earlier WW1 example cotton lined whilst later WW2 versions interior were lined with silver foil to help deflect the heat from the sun. A pugree is fitted around the dome of the helmet and a there is a vent to top.

Inside the helmet is a leather sweatband as is usually found on this pattern of helmet, but the original leather chinstrap is now absent.

The helmet is in reasonable condition for its age with some soiling and rust stains to the exterior, signs of wear and age to the interior and sweat stains to the green cloth interior.  The internal cork liner is cracked to the rear flap

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