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Antique Armoury

Antique Armoury are specialist suppliers of military memorabilia and artifacts for collectors who want genuine items at reasonable prices. Antique Armoury have over thirty years of experience in the military memorabilia trade. This means that they have a breadth and depth of expertise in the field which few can rival, as well as having built a wide range of contacts for finding items that collectors might be looking for.
One popular choice in militaria is military medals. Antique Armoury stock a wide range of different military medals. These include British medals as well as foreign military medals. Military medals can tell a story about the recipient. Medals can show the campaigns and battles that a soldier was involved in, as well as whether they were awarded for a noteworthy action or received commendation for their service. Antique Armoury know that they military medals they sell to appreciative collectors represent the service of individuals who were proud of what they did, and so they keep the medals in good condition, as well as keeping the names and information about the medals so that this is not lost in history.
As well as the military medals, Antique Armoury can provide all the medal collection accessories you might need. For example, medal bars are an easy way of displaying your collection of military medals in the way that they would have originally been worn. Antique Armoury also sell the best options for displaying the medals, including folders and envelopes that have been designed specifically to showcase each medal. They also provide pieces to repair damaged medals, so you can restore older medals that have not been well maintained to the condition that they should be in.
Some customers want help with medal research. This is a service that Antique Armoury can provide for you. They can research the records of specific servicemen and women to find out information about their military career and awards. Many collectors as well as family members have appreciated the assistance in finding out information about soldiers and how they served. Whether this is to know more about your ancestors, or simply to give context to your medal collection, Antique Armoury are on hand to help with their expertise in military research.
Antique Armoury are not limited to medals. They provide many other types of high quality, genuine militaria for collectors. Their range of antique weapons is excellent, whether you collect antique guns or edged weapons. Each piece is sold in excellent condition, with a detailed description, and there are pieces available from a broad range of campaigns and time periods. Antique Armoury also sell inert ammunition, so you can pair your antique weapon with the correct inert ammunition.
Whether you are looking for medals, antique weapons, books, or some other type of military artifact, Antique Armoury can provide what you need. Use the links on the website to see what is in stock. Alternatively, look for dates when Antique Armoury will be at an antique and militaria fair near you, or use the link to contact Antique Armoury with your enquiry.