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The finest traditions of craftsmanship go into every hand-painted heraldic product from Britain”s leading heraldic studios.

Their skills represent many years” experience – from the art of the woodcarver, who hand-carves each of the individual patterns, to the care and attention to detail of the heraldic artists who individually hand-paint designs.

Each coat-of arms, plaque, shield, badge, plate, parchment or tile etc., is an authentic, indivdually hand produced heraldic work of art, carrying a precise heraldic portrayal of the family or organisation it represents.

These heraldic studios have been producing the very finest work for over 50 years and are members of the cherished Heraldic Society

This web page introduces you to the high quality products available from their studios through Antique Armoury.  Antique Armoury will be pleased to help you choose the most suitable of their hand-made heraldic products to suit your needs and advise you on the cost and delivery.

Whether you are an individual or buying on behalf of an organisation, your requirements will be given the same careful atention by Antique Armoury, as by their craftsmen.   


They are probably the worlds leading supplier of heraldic shields to the armed forces, with a library of most regiments, squadrons and ships companies in the British Armed Forces and those of many other nations.

Their position as premier supplier is as a result of the finest traditions of craftsmanship.  Each shield is hand painted and it mounted on a solid hardwood base.


Their records include most UK school, college and university emblems and they constantly produce plaques for educational establishments around the world.

Civic arms held in their library include most towns and cities in Britain, the districts, boroughs and counties, and many regional and national emblems from around the world.

Their library of professional bodies include major organisations from many countries and in addition they produce shields for any establishment on the supply of details.


The first heraldic shields were those hung in medieval halls for decoration.  Down the centuries, this tradition has continued, though the shields have generally become smaller, in proportion to today”s homes.

There will, quite probably, be a Coat of Arms in your surname and there is no finer decoration for a home than a hand-painted shield, beautifully finished on a mount of solid hardwood.

You may want to collect – or give – other styles of family armorial bearings and so we offer a number of attractive designs for that special effect.  Although based on traditional craft skills, many of these products are new to the range – and to the market.


Large Shields:

Are extremely attractive whenever space permits – both in a domestic or a commercial situation, such as in clubs, hotels or restaurants.  We offer two larger format shields.

Small Shields:
Double Shields (small):
Double Shields (large):

Is a hand-painted armorial bearing onto “vellum” look paper.  Each carries the correct Coat of Arms in every detail in colour and represents excellent value for money, and are supplied unframed.  (See the Antique Armoury framing page).

Drinks Coaster:

Heritage gifts for galleries, museums, historic houses, landmarks and other heritage outlets.  A corporate collection which include bespoke paperweights, clocks, tiles, mugs or plates.  If you are lost for ideas Antique Armoury will welcome your enquiry.

Printed Shield:
Cold Cast Bronze:
High Relief Moulded Centre:
Resin Cast Centrs:
Bookend or Brochure Tidy:
Drinks Coaster:
Custom Made Shield:

When ordering you should consider the following points:

1. Size

There are 5 basic sizes:-

2. Shape

There are 2 basic shapes, B or A.  Other shapes by quotation.

3. Complexity

There are 2 basic shapes, B or A.  Other shapes by quotation.

Remember when ordering, the 3 points

So, a shield might be, for example, JAS (J:Size, A;Shape, S;Complexity)

Remember when ordering, the 3 points