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Waist Belt Clasps And Other Military Antique Accessories

Waist Belt Clasps And Other Military Antique Accessories

At Antique Armoury, you’ll find an array of antique military accessories including waist belt clasps. Our company has been collecting military antiques for over 30 years now. We’ve acquired all kinds of antique accessories over the years and continue to constantly look for new items. Our collection is constantly changing, so if you don’t find anything you’re looking for now, there may be something in the future that takes your interest.

Buy antique waist belt clasps here

Waist belt clasps are popular collector’s items. These accessories are often uniquely styled depending on the country of origin, period and usage. In the case of military waist belt clasps, many were uniquely styled to showcase division and ranking.

You can find antique military belt buckles for sale here on this site. We also provide a number of other military accessories ranging from badges to arm bands.

Check out our other items

We sell many military antique items beyond waist belt clasps. You’ll find everything from antique firearms to helmets in our collection. Below are just some of the different types of items we specialize in.


Our collection of antique firearms includes guns from various different eras. This includes a range of deactivated firearms, as well as various antique gun accessories. You can also find reproductions of gun patent prints here on this site.

Swords and daggers

We also sell a number of antique edged weapons including swords and daggers. These are acquired from all around the world. Check out our inventory here on this site.

Headgear and uniforms

Those looking for antique military headgear and uniforms, can also find an array of different items in our collection. We have acquired helmets from various historic military forces around the world. We also sell antique police helmets, tam o shanters and even axis headgear.

Medals and badges

If you’re a collector of antique medals and badges, you’re certain to find many items that take your interest in our collection. Some of our medals and badges date back to the 1800s.

Inert ammunition

We have a huge range of inert ammunition for sale on our site. On top of ammunition, we also sell accessories such as clips and magazines.
Spot us at an antique fair

On top of selling items online, we also regularly take part in antique and militaria fairs across the country. This could be a chance to inspect all our items in person. You can find dates for upcoming antique fairs here on this site.
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Want to inquire about a certain item? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help to offer any advice or information you may need.

Antique Armoury is owned by military antique expert Dave R Cooper. He has been trading such antiques for several decades and has written local history books in the past. Dave is more than happy to talk about any questions you may have regarding antique military items. You contact him via email at dave.r.cooper@btinternet.com.