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Military Antiques For Sale Including WW1 Veterans Arm Band

Antique Armoury has over 30 years experience in collecting and exhibiting military antiques. Over the years, we have sold many items at British Militaria and Antiques Collectors Fairs. We now sell many items online, which you can check out here on our site.

From antique guns to antique medals you can find it all here. Many of our antiques are of British origin, however we also display many historical items from armed forces around the world. Our collection is constantly being updated – if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy now, there will almost certainly be something in the future that is of interest.

Looking for a WW1 Veterans Arm Band?

Arm bands have been used in the military throughout history for different purposes. During World War 1, different arm bands were used to signify various things including officer rankings or Red Cross membership. Some of these arm bands have since become rare and prized collectibles.

If you are looking for a specific WW1 veterans arm band, we may be able to help you track down the right item. Check out our site to see what we have in our collection. If there are no items available, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you with your inquiry.

Other items supplied at Antique Armoury

A WW1 Veterans arm band is just one of the many types of items we supply at Antique Armory. Some of the items in our collection include:

Antique guns

You can check out an array of different antique guns on our site collected from different eras. This includes deactivated firearms and various antique gun accessories. We also sell a number of reproductions of gun patent prints.

Edged weapons

If you’re interested in antique edged weapons, why not take a look at our extensive collection? It includes edged weapons from various time periods collected from around the world.

Headgear and uniforms

For those who are interested in headgear and uniforms, we also have a number of unique antiques in stock. Headgear includes helmets and hats from various different military forces throughout history. This includes Nazi and Axis helmets.

Medals and badges

You can find many antique medals and badges in our collection. This includes items from both world wars and older items dating back to the 1800s. We also stock medal accessories and heraldic plaques.

Inert ammunition

If you are interested in the collection of inert ammunition, we also have a large range of items in stock that could be worth checking out. This includes clips, magazines, belts and novelty items.

About our owner Dave R Cooper

Dave R Cooper is the owner and main curator of Antique Armoury. He has personally written local history books and is very passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to military antiques.

If you have any kind of query involving antique items, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave at dave.r.cooper@btinternet.com.