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Edged weapons

At the Antique Armoury, we specialise in selling historic memorabilia and collectibles. This includes a range of edged weapons for collectors. Whether you want to start a collection of edged weapons, or you want to add to an existing collection, or you are looking for a specific type of edged weapons, we have an excellent range in stock that will meet your requirements.
Edged weapons have been used throughout history for millennia. Even in the age of firearms and artillery, edged weapons retained a key role as a part of the standard equipment of a soldier in many cultures. Our range of edged weapons reflects the variety of types that has been in use in different armies and cultures.
A classic example of the edged weapons prized by collectors is swords. These were the mark of officers and professional soldiers. For example, in the British Army from the 1600s onwards, officers typically carried a sword. Even after the increased use of muskets and later rifles, swords were the weapon of choice for most officers. On the battlefield, having a sword rather than a rifle immediately identified the soldier as being an officer. There is a huge variety of the swords that are available as examples of edged weapons. Some officers, such as those in the light infantry, chose lighter weight weapons in comparison to those traditionally carried by officers in line infantry battalions, and officers in the cavalry often carried blades that were heavier still. If you are looking for edged weapons that include swords, we have several great examples in stock.
Another example of edged weapons is bayonets. As firearms became more important on the battlefield, so the did the bayonet. The early muskets and rifles were slow to load. With the musket, for example, an experienced battalion might manage up to four shots in a minute, but a less experienced battalion might only manage two or three at best. This meant that a soldier armed with a musket could be vulnerable on the battlefield and the bayonet was a way of protecting the formation in close combat. Bayonets remained an important weapon through the First and Second World Wars. At the Antique Armoury, we have a range of edged weapons that include bayonets.
As well as the classics choices of swords and bayonets, we also stock other examples of edged weapons. A popular choice with collectors is African tribal weapons. We have a range of examples of African edged weapons, particularly daggers. These make a fascinating display item, showing individual craftsmanship and art. If you are looking for these types of unusual and highly collectible edged weapons, speak to us at the Antique Armoury.
As well as edged weapons, we stock other collectibles. We can supply medals, inert ammunition, antique guns and accessories. We also stock the preservation products that you need to keep your collection looking good on display. For more information, including enquiries about edged weapons that you need for your collection, you can contact us using the details on the website.