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Nazi regalia

Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich as it was referred to by the Nazi government, was a crucial period in European and world history. Between 1933 and 1945, Germany was governed by a right wing, fascist government which made a strong impact, not only on the population of Germany, but also on world history. German foreign policy in the period led to the outbreak of a war that would cause untold damage and suffering. As such, this period of history and the associated Nazi regalia has long fascinated collectors as well as historians and researchers.
At the Antique Armoury, we specialise in antique and historical memorabilia. For those who collect items from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, we stock a range of Nazi regalia. These items are a glimpse into the past, to a society that was run by a powerful, dictatorial government which controlled many aspects of life. The Nazi regalia that we stock is all genuine and guaranteed to be authentic, so when you buy from us you can have the confidence that you are not buying reproductions or copies of original items. Our Nazi regalia items are ideal for museums, private collections, historical re-enactments and as teaching aids.
The Nazi Party in Germany chose to use imagery and symbols to create a strong identity, and this is visible on the Nazi regalia that we stock. This is a common feature of radical political parties in many periods of history across the world. In the 1920s, the Nazi Party developed a strong sense of imagery. The party leadership liked the use of strong imagery which set them apart from their political opposition. They used this to create a sense of belonging for party members, and to attract support from the people who felt frustrated at life in 1920s Germany.
By the time the Party had come to power in 1933, the imagery and Nazi regalia was firmly embedded in the consciousness of party supporters. Because the Nazis attempted to create a military image designed to appeal to right wing idealists, much of the Nazi regalia has a distinctively military look. For example, uniforms were common, with arm bands and distinctive hats. For this reason, these types of items are common in collections of Nazi regalia.
If you are looking for Nazi regalia, you can rely on our supplies at the Antique Armoury. As well as genuine Nazi regalia, we also stock a range of other historical items for your collection. This includes military medals as well as the accessories to go with them. We also specialise in historical weaponry. Whether you want edged weapons from different periods of history, or antique guns and inert ammunition, we have the range of stock you need. We also carry preservation products, such as the polishes and cleaning materials you need to keep your collection of Nazi regalia or antique items in good condition for displaying. Our range of items in stock is continually change, so if there is something specific you need, get in contact.