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Inert ammunition

If you are a collector of historical memorabilia and antiquities, including inert ammunition, look no further! At the Antique Armoury we stock a full range of genuine historical artifacts, including authentic inert ammunition of all types and historical periods. If you want inert ammunition, we can supply the range you want. We stock inert ammunition for all types of weapons, including pistols, rifles and machine guns. Speak to us is you are looking for a specific type of inert ammunition.
Inert ammunition is authentic ammunition for firearms that is inert, or unable to be fired. There are several ways that a bullet or shell can be made inert. The most obvious is that the gunpowder, cordite or other propellant has been removed from the ammunition. It is also possible that the primer has already been fired or has been removed. Some inert is made inactive by being drilled out or having a small hole of 2-3 mm drilled through the side of the casing that leaves it unusable. In some cases, like empty shell casings, the part of the ammunition that is fired, has been removed.
Our inert ammunition represents a wide range of historical warfare. Ammunition has changed dramatically through history and different types of inert ammunition represent well the technology of the day. The earlier firearms ammunition dates from the Middle Ages, the period when early guns were being developed. These were highly unreliable and often used as much for the shock value of the noise and smoke as for the offensive value. The ammunition from these guns is rare and is noted by its irregularity, since there was no sense of standardisation.
From the 1500s until the 1800s, the ball remained the ammunition of firearms. This was a simple stone or metal ball that was round and smooth, rather like a marble. Although some people call this ammunition ‘bullets’, it is more accurately described as balls or shot. This was rammed into the barrel of the weapon with a simple ramrod, onto a black powder charge. The methods of igniting the charge and firing the weapon varied as technology changed, from simple fuses through to flintlock mechanisms. As late as the mid 1800s, soldiers in the British Army were still reliant on this very simple technology for their weapons.
From the mid 1800s, ammunition began to utilise percussion caps which could be fired by a hammer mechanism without needing a separate powder charge. This changed the face of warfare, as with the addition of breech loading technology, soldiers no longer needed to stand up on the battlefield. Tactics could evolve into modern warfare. Therefore, the inert ammunition collectors showcase is more than just a simple bullet; each stage of ammunition tells a story about the changing nature of warfare.
As well as inert ammunition, we sell a range of antique weaponry, including edged weapons and antique guns. For more information about our range of supplies and inert ammunition, contact us to see what we have in stock.