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Conditions of Sale

Conditions Of Sale

Please take the time to carefully read these conditions of sale.  They are not unduely challenging, but necessary to confirm safe trading between us.  No part of these conditions of sale affect your Statutory Rights.  From time-to-time these conditions will be revised when issues come-to-light and further best practice becomes known.

Antique Armoury is NOT a registered firearms dealership and so it is company policy NOT to purchase or offer for sale any item requiring any form of licence to possess in the U.K. or to export out of the U.K.

De-activated firearms, munitions, air weapons and edged weapon sales will not be made to anyone under the age of 18 years and proof of age will be needed.

Antique Armoury reserves the right to decline to trade with or sell any items to potential customers at their discretion.

A – Business Hours & Visitors

(A.i)  Antique Armoury is open for business between 8am and pm Monday to Saturday.  This website accepts orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including Bank Holidays.  Orders are taken in chronological order, with the first order of a producr taking precedense over any subsequent orders for the same product.  Delivery within the UK is usually within 5 working day of full payment being received. Inert ammunition please allow up to 14 days.

(A.ii)  Antique Armoury does not have any retail premises [shop] open to the public.  We are primarily stand at UK Militaria and Antique Fairs amd have an internet business in combination with trade magazine adverts (a list of the Militaria and Antique Fairs we will shortly attend can be viewed on the appropriate page).

(A.iii)  Antique Armoury has premises in North Staffordshire that can be visited by prior appointment. This is usually for customer purchases, collection or to inspect stock items and to sell suitable items to the business. 

B – Guarantee

(B.i)  Our aim is to describe all stock completely and accurately with the aid of digital photographs to give a clear view of each stock item and it’s condition.  Further information/ additional photographs, are available on request free of charge and without obligation.  We offer a guarentee that in the unlikely event of a customer not being satisfied with their purchase or purchases the item(s) can be returned for a full, no argument, refund within 7 days.

(B.ii)  Regretably, a customers changes in circumstances, indecision or ‘changing of one’s mind’ upon the receipt of goods will not qualify a customer for a refund.

(B.iii)  Despite our making every endeavour to keep our web site accurate and up to date, it is possible that an item offered for sale is no longer available or has already been sold before we have been able to update our website.  If this were to happen, you will be notified and any payment made will be refunded along with our best efforts to find you a suitable alternative.

(B.iv)  Antique Armoury needs notification by email or telephone if the item or items are to be returned ASAP following their delivery.  U.K. customers must return item(s) within 7 days of arrival. European customers within 10 days of arrival.  The Rest of the World within 14 days of arrival.

(B.v)  All payments received by Antique Armoury (with the exception of carriage costs) will be refunded.  

(  It is a prerequisite that  the returns to Antique Armoury will be in the same condition as when they were consigned.  Antique Armoury reserves the right to reject an application for a refund if there is any fiddeling, dismantling, damage or modification to the item(s). 

Most items, other than inert ammunition, will be  dispatched within 5 days. Inert ammunition please allow up to 14 days.

C – Antique, Deactivated Guns and Edge Weapons

(C.i)  All items offered for sale are curios and collectors pieces. No licence is required for these items in the U.K. if they are retained as part of a collection, display or for reenactment – they must not be used for any other purpose.

(C.ii)  No licence is required for these items in the U.K. if retained as part of a collection, display or for reenactment purposes.  All deactivated weapons offered for sale by Antique Armoury are deactivated to Home Office Regulation U.K., have undergone Proof House deactivation, have appropriate Proof House deactivation marks and are provided together with a British Proof House Certificate of Deactivation.

(C.iii)  Sale of these items is restricted to persons of 18 years of age or over.  For all sales an Age Declaration Is Required.

(C.iv)  Liability can not be accepted or implied for any injury caused by mis-use of any item supplied by Antique Armoury.

D – Inert  Ammunition

(D.i)  INERT AMMUNITION is produced from suitably re-sized or new cases which will have a fired primer or no primer, unless inert, unstruck primers are requested.  The cases will be fitted with a new bullet. 

(D.ii)  All inert rounds supplied by Antique Armoury contain no explosive material what so ever.
Antique Armoury CANNOT undertake the sale of rounds with treated primer caps, live primers, blank ammunition or live ammunition to any person.

(D.iii)  Antique Armoury inert ammunition is offered for DISPLAY  PURPOSES ONLY.

(D.iv)  Inert rounds purchased from Antique Armoury MUST NEVER BE:-
1. Inserted into any weapon, either real or replica.
2. Mis-handled in any way as to cause injury or distress to either the purchaser or any other person
3. Broken into individual components for any purpose, especially for reloading with the intention to shoot

(D.v)  Due to bulk purchases of components, reject or factory second products are often used in the manufacture of inert ammunition and are unsuitable for live firing.

(  Antique Armoury WILL NOT undertake the sale of any new components for the purposes of reloading.

(D.vii)  Sale of these items is restricted to persons of 18 years of age or over, Age Declaration Required.

(Dviii)  Liability cannot be accepted or implied for any injury caused by mis-use of any item supplied by Antique Armoury.

(D.ix)  Placing an order with Antique Armoury will be deemed to be made with the purchaser’s full compliance with Antique Armoury Terms of Trading.

E – Payment Options

(E.i)  Antique Armoury accepts all major debit and credit cards except American Express, but we can not take on-line payments.  This is because of international and domestic legal restrictions about delivery, age, import and export.  We therefore contact our customers directly to give them a personal service and take card payment.

(E.ii)  Subject to Wi-Fi connection Antique Armoury accepts credit card, chip and pin as further customer service at the Antique and Militaria Fairs that we attend.  Credit card payments for items to be bought from our web can be during office hours on 01538 702738. European and Rest-of-the-World customers by dialing 0044 1538 702738.  We add a 2% surcharge to credit card payments to cover the fees we incur for such payments. Cheque and debit card payments are not subject to any additional fees.

(E.iii)  Sterling international money orders, cheques and postal orders are to be made payable to Antique Armoury.  U.S. dollars cash, Euros cash, at an exchange rate agreed on the day of purchase are also accepted.  Sterling, U. S. dollars and Euros cash payments should be sent by insured, recorded or special delivery to our business address.

(E.iv)  Business address for payments and correspondence only:-

Antique Armoury, The Cabin, Moorside Drive, Cauldon Lowe, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST10 3ET

This is a correspondance address only – Callers strictly by appointment only.

(E.v)  Direct bank transfers are welcomed in sterling only; please contact us for our personal service and for our BIC and IBAN numbers. 
(  Due to PayPal restrictions on payment for antique or deactivated weapons, edged weapons and munitions, Paypal payment can not be made/ accepted for these items.  Paypal invoices can be produced for our other products, but incur a 4% fee that is added to your total for payments made by this method.  Antique Armoury will send a money request on application.
(E.vii)  International customers are also welcome to make payments to us via Sterling International Money Order.
(E.viii)  Unless a purchase from Antique Armoury is subject to a previously arranged lay-away agreement (section G) payment is due straight away.  Usually no product can be reserved without a minimum 20% deposit.
(E.ix)  New customers please allow 10 working days for bank clearance on your payment prior to dispatch being affected.  Repeat order customerscan expect dispatch of their purchases by return.
(E.x)  VAT is not charged or recoverable on goods supplied by Antique Armoury.

F – Delivery and Insurance

(F.i)  Goods will only be dispatched when paid for in full.

(F.ii)  Antique/Deactivated guns, edge weapons and inert ammunition delivered to UK Mainland only.

(F.iii)  All orders from oue website are subject to packing, handling and delivery charges. Normal deliveries within the U.K. are charged by weight as calculated by our website shopping basket.

(F.iv)  Where orders are of a large size or weight we reserve the right to make an extra
charge will be made. Customers will be notified by email or telephone of any extra charges prior to dispatch.

(F.v)  Deliveries to destinations outside of the U.K. mainland will be subject to additional costs that will be outlined and agreed on the placement of order.  Inert ammunition, deactivated firearms and products requiring an export licence will be despatched through specialist curriers.  The charges and details of such will be forwarded on receipt of order and according to the specific items, delivery destination, Export Licence requirements etc.

(  Antique Armoury regret we are unable to accept any responsibility for un-insured damage, loss in transit and breakages that happen once orders have been dispatched to our customers.  Antique Armoury takes every care in packaging your purchases ready for dispatch.  We always get proof of postage and when possible utilize recorded or special delivery for Mainland U.K.  Antique Armoury uses Royal Mail trackable ‘International Signed For’ priority airmail or ‘Airsure’ for our international customers. When dispatched we have no control over the delivery, but can track orders and prove their dispatch. If additional insurance is required please ask so that this can be agreed and paid for prior to dispatch.

(F.vii)  We usually use Royal Mail for deliveries within the U.K. Mainland.  Antique Armoury also has uses specific curriers for some U.K. and overseas customers.  Full costs and details will be supplied at the time an order is placed with us.

(F.viii)  Antique Armoury can export any items available for sale worldwide; but our offer is subject to any legal requirements and restrictions in force in the destination country. Customers are to confirm that their orders are legal to possess and import into the destination country.  Antique Armoury must be indemnified by the buyer of any product, from any legal requirement at the point of delivery.

(F. ix)  Purchases that we consider would adversely effect air mail postal services we will dismantle and dispatch by surface mail. Such items will be accompanied by an export license as necessary and confirmation that the goods are inert, deactivated/ free from any explosive material whatsoever and safe.  The likely time lapse before taking receipt will be advised to the customer.

(F.x)  At the present time it is not strictly necessary for air pistols under 6 fps and air rifles under 12 fps to have any export licence by the U.K. Customs and other authorities, although it could be highly beneficial (we will always seek up-to-date-advice).

(F.xi)  A complete set of transit documentation will be attached to the exterior of any package containing Inert ammunition/ ordnance, antique or deactivated firearms, edged weapons and air weapons for the assistance of international customs authorities.

G – Layaway Plan/ Reserved Items

(G.i)  On the receipt of a 20% non-returnable deposit, Antique Armoury will reserve the item(s) to be paid for in our ‘layaway’ plan. We stress this is not a higher purchase agreement and that no further costs will be required.

(G.ii)  As a general rule of thumb, on receipt of order and agreement to buy on our ‘layaway’ plan 20% of the final amount is required immediately and the remainder within 3 months of the initial deposit receipt.  Payment(s) can be accepted at any time up to and including the 3 month period.

(G.iii)  On receipt of the outstanding balance, the order will be despatched.

(G.iv)  Payment defaults shall result in the return of payments received minus the 20% initial deposit. Under these circumstances, the initial deposit is forfeit, and not transferrable to other customers or product items.

H – Air Weapons

(H.i)  The U.K. Crime Reduction Bill places restrictions on the sale and delivery of air rifles and air pistols produced after 1939, but only applies to the U.K.  Antique Armoury will not sell any air weapon to anyone under the age of 18.

(H.ii)  Within the U.K. delivery of any post-1939 air weapons will be in person or via the client’s nominated Registered Firearms Dealer.  Further administrative charges levied by that nominated R.F.D. are to be paid by the customer on collection.

(H.iii)  Antique air weapons produced before 1939 can be delivered direct by post or carrier.  However, prospective customers will need to satisfy Antique Armoury that their antique air weapon purchase(s) is as a collector’s item, part of a display, ornament or curiosity.  In all other cases, section H.ii above is applicable.

(H.iv)  If air weapons of any age are purchased to use, section H.ii above will apply in regard to delivery.  Prospective purchasers of air weapons made before 1939 will be asked to confirm their reason for buying before the item(s) are despatched.

(H.v)  All the air weapons we sell are sold as collector’s items.  Antique Armoury does not sell pre-charged or modern air weapons or any air weapons that exceed 6 fps for air pistols or 12 fps for air rifles.  Your attention is drawn to each individual weapon’s description so as to determine its status and condition.

(  Antique Armoury does not sell air weapon spare parts. The air weapons we sell are as described in person or on our website and in a serviceable condition. Following receipt and delivery, our standard return policy applies.  No extended warranty is implied or given.

I – Commission Sales

(I.i)  Antique Armoury will undertake commission sales for clients.  We reserve the right to decline or accept offered items on the following basis. The standard of the item(s) offered should be in line with the originality and quality of comparable items already advertised on our website. 

(I.ii)  Antique Armoury and the vender will agree on a sale price before the item will be offered for sale

(I.iii)  This service is charged at £50 per

J – V.A.T.

(J.i)  Antique Armoury is not registered under the UK [second hand and antique dealers Special Margin Scheme.

(J.ii)  Our customers are not charged V.A.T. on any item that they buy from Antique Armoury and no V.A.T. is recoverable by them on any items bought from Antique Armoury.

K – Copyright

(K.i)  All descriptions and photographs on our website are the copyright of Antique Armoury is must not be reproduced without prior permission.