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Antique guns

There are many types of historical memorabilia that are popular with collectors. At the Antique Armoury, we supply the full range of historical antiques you want, from medals to edged weapons. Of the wide variety of collectibles that are available, however, antique guns remain one of the most popular choices for collectors. There is something about antique guns that catches the imagination.
For some collectors of antique guns, the attraction lies in the variety that is available. The range of antique guns available for sale varies greatly, from early modern models to more recent designs from the 1800s. These antique guns cover a wide range of styles and types. Additionally, there is the variety between the classic categories of pistols, muskets and rifles, as well more unusual designs such as hidden guns and decorative guns.
Another reason that antique guns are so popular is that collectors find the technology and craftsmanship fascinating. The antique guns are usually made from a combination of wooden and metal components. Until the 1800s, when mass production began to speed up with industrialisation, antique guns were generally made by hand and represent an individual piece of craftsmanship. From shaping the stock to creating the firing mechanism and barrel, the antique guns are a testament to the craftsmanship of past centuries. The mechanisms themselves vary greatly, from the simplest early modern examples which simply used a lit match to ignite the black powder, through to the later mechanisms like flintlocks.
Perhaps the most important reason why collectors enjoy antique guns is the story they tell. These guns represent important developments in history. The represent past wars and moments when history changed as nations clashed and political systems changed. They represent cultures and societies from past ages. Beyond the purely political history, the antique guns are also a reminder of past tactical and strategic ideas, with each development in technology that is shown in the antique guns of different periods having affected the experience of generals and soldiers alike.
Our range of antique guns is continually changing as we sell stock and source new items. You can take a look online to see our current antique guns which we have in stock. If you are looking for specific types of antique guns, you can contact us using the details on the website. We have connections to reputable suppliers and can usually source specific items that our customers are looking for.
As well as an excellent range of antique guns, we supply other ranges of historic artifacts. For example, we stock medals and edged weapons. We also carry a range of inert ammunition from a variety of weapons. As well as the antique guns and historic items, we stock the accessories for displaying them well, as well as preservation products to maintain your collection. We can help with research if you need help in buying the right items for your collection.
For more information, including enquiries about our antique guns, you can contact us using the details on the website.