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Antique Guns And Swords

ANTIQUE ARMOURY: Antique Guns And Swords

Fine antique guns and swords not only hold collector’s value – they also have a unique history of their own, and can be used as home decoration as well as collectors pieces. Our extensive range of fine antique guns and swords is carefully selected based on our expertise in such military collectables.

With over 30 years experience in dealing antique arms, armour and military antiques, Antique Armoury is one of Britain’s leading military antiques dealerships. We are passionate about collecting and research, and take pride in finding the perfect pieces to complement your collection.

So whether you’re looking for pre-1946 fine arms, armour, swords, headgear and helmets, inert or dummy display bullets, medals, or uniforms, or would like other assistance, Antique Armoury is here for advice, and to offer the best-quality examples for purchase.


Britain’s military history is rich and vast, providing insight into our cultural, political and national heritage. Every fine antique collectible we purchase and sell has unique historical value, and we are always excited to share its story, and find it the right home.

Our online catalogue of antique arms, armour, medals and militaria is updated regularly, open for you to browse 24/7. If you see anything you’re interested in, or would like some guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help you find what you’re looking for, provide information, or help you with research.

Here at Antique Armoury, we primarily buy and sell authentic pre 1946 fine antique and collectible Arms, Armour, Medals and Militaria. Some of our most popular items include:


Antique Guns & Accessories

Swords, Polearms, Daggers & Bayonets

Nazi and Axis Regalia

Headgear & Uniforms

Medals & Medal Display Accessories

Badges, Waist Belt Clasps, Shoulder Belt Plates, Helmet Plates, Buttons etc

Preservation & Conservation Products

Inert/ Dummy/ Display Ammunition

Heraldic Plaques And Shields

We are also able to offer commission sales.

Please note that we can ONLY supply inert ammunition within the Mainland United Kingdom.
Books and Events

As well as a range of antique books, history texts, and relevant military texts, the team at Antique Armory have produced some personally written local history themed (and illustrated) books.

Antique Armory also often set up shop at collectors fairs and flea markets across the country, where a selection of our items will be on show and available to buy (please check our Antiques & Militaria Fair Dates page for details).

Antique Armory are also available to book for talks with local interest groups, where we present items of interest and share information.

Please be aware the Paypal rules of use do NOT allow us to take payments for antique weapons, inert/ dummy/ display ammunition, or Nazi regalia and will limit or even close both your Paypal account and ours if we were to try. However, we are able to take card payments securely online in this instance.