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Preservation products

If you have a collection of historical memorabilia, you should invest in preservation products. Preservation products are a range of materials and substances which are ideal for cleaning your collection and making sure that they last for a long time, whilst looking good for display. If you want high quality, affordable preservation products that are carefully selected to be appropriate for use on your historical memorabilia, look no further than the Antique Armoury. We have a range of preservation products available for all historical items. Because we specialise in memorabilia for display, we know the best choices for your collection. We can advise you on the most appropriate options.
When you collect historical memorabilia, you are buying something that is old and has already survived the test of time. Collectors have two main requirements for their collection – firstly, they want it to continue to last in good condition, without deterioration, and secondly, they want it to look good for displaying. The problem is that many available cleaners can actually cause the deterioration of historical materials. Some cleaners have corrosive chemicals, and even by just changing the pH of the surface, cleaners could speed up the natural deterioration of paper, fabric or leather. What is the solution?
The solution is to use the preservation products that have been specifically developed for cleaning and preserving antiques. This will make them look good and continue to last in good condition.
The first thing you need is the right combination of cleaning materials. We supply cleaners in liquid form, as well as solid cleaning materials. These can be used to clean leather, fabric, paper and metal. They maintain the pH of the surface and avoid the use of corrosive or caustic substances which could damage the surface. This ensures that the cleaning removes oils, grease and contaminants from the surface without affecting the actual item itself. Using the right cleaning substances will make your items look good but also prevent the effects of contaminants in speeding up natural deterioration processes.
The second thing is the actual preservation, or making the item last longer by keeping it in a stable condition. Depending on the item, the appropriate methods will vary. For paper and some textiles, the best options could be plastic sheets that protect the surface. With wood, metal and leather, the best options can include protective polishes. These keep the material from drying out and cracking, but also act to create a barrier between the air and the surface of the material itself.
If you have a collection of historical memorabilia, do not wait to buy the preservation products that you need. Once deterioration has begun it cannot be reversed. At the Antique Armoury, we can help you choose the right preservation products for your medals, antique guns, edged weapons and accessories. For more information contact us at the Antique Armoury. We can help you to choose the products that are most appropriate for your collection so that it can stand the test of time.