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French Model 1866 Brass Hilted Bayonet In Steel Scabbard



This bayonet was designed to fit onto the French Model 1866 Chassepot Rifled Infantry Musket and produced between 1866 to about 1874.  It has a  brass hilt, spring steel latching system to the right side, the crossguard is of steel with a screw-type tightener on the 17.5mm muzzle-ring and the  lower hooked quillon is of the "blade-breaker" system.  The steel blade is has a single edge, a single fuller to both sides and is of "yataghan" re-curved shape.  The steel scabbard is of sheet rolled steel.  

(In contradiction to novice speculation such inscriptions are not a presentation date or to a particular officer and were NOT used in the American Civil War).

They were produced in many, many thousands.

Our example has an overall length 28in., blade length 22.3/4in.  The double fullered, single edged, shiny steel blade is mottled grey/ black.  The makers name and "1868" are stamped into the top strap. The shiny steel cross-guard and muzzle ring are mottled grey/ black and muzzle ring with the number "U 6812" and a number of inspection marks and mis matched numbered with the scabbard. The brass grips are in good condition and the push button muzzle release works well.  The steel scabbard to a dark grey/ brown "old" rust finish with pitting throughout.  Other than the defects mentioned the whole in good overall condition commensurate with age.

NOTE: It is illegal to sell edged weapons to anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 18 in the UK and we so we will need irrefutable proof of the purchasers age with payment via cash (insured postage please), cheque, postal order or money order.

Payment via cash (insured postage please), cheque,postal order or money order.

Credit/Debit Card: Delta, Electron, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard, Pin Train, Solo, UK Maestro or VISA

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