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Antique Armoury has well over 25 years experience in collecting and exhibiting at British Militaria and Antiques Collectors Fairs. 

The business is trusted and well established in the market place.


Our highest priority is to consistantly exceed customer expectations with the best products and service possible. 

We are acquiring fresh stock on a daily basis, but, if you can not find the item you are looking for please contact us and we will try our best to locate suitable items for you.

We are not allowed to accept payment on-line due to legal restrictions both domestic and international regarding age, delivery requirements and export/ import restrictions.  Therefore our customers benefit from our personal attention with our staff contacting them directly about payment.

Antique Guns, Edge Weapons & Inert Ammunition can only be shipped within the UK.

NOTE: It is illegal to sell edged weapons to anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 18 in the UK and we so we will need irrefutable proof of the purchasers age with payment.


*  Medals, Ribbons, Repairs, Research and Mounting.

*  Antique and Collectors Military and Sporting Muskets, Rifles,  Pistols, Blunderbus etc

*  Deactivated Guns, Inert /Dummy Display Bullets and Inert Ordnance, Grenades etc

*  Original and Reproduction Armour

*  Swords, Bayonets,Combat Knives and Pole Arms

*  Uniforms and Headgear

*  Nazi Regalia

*  Helmet Plates, Badges, Insignia, Sabretaches, Waist Belt Clasps, Shoulder Belt Plates and Pouches

*  Aeronautica

*  Your Wants Lists and Sourcing Service

*  Commission Sales

*  FREE Estimates - Without Obligation